Darkness falls on the abbey

In the peaceful monastery of 9th century Centula in France, a prominent glassmaker and monk is murdered.

As the investigation begins, it becomes clear that the killer must be someone within the closed community. Meanwhile, beyond the layers of time, a woman in the present discovers mysterious clues in the old hiding places of a castle in southern Sweden. She follows the subtle traces that connect the past to the present. What began as innocent research soon becomes an obsession as she delves into the monastery's history.



Anton Moreau

Picture of the author

Anton Moreau is an author with roots in both France and Sweden. His passion for history and psychology permeates his writing, and these subjects often form the core of his works. "Darkness Falls on the Abbey" is his debut novel, where he skillfully intertwines historical events with psychological nuances.

Anton's writing captures the reader's imagination, taking them on a journey through time and the human mind. His unique ability to blend insightful character portraits with atmospheric historical settings creates a captivating reading experience.